The Difference between Coffee Soap and Caffeine Soap

We aren’t sticklers when it comes to terms we use for our products. We often times use caffeine and coffee interchangeably, as that is the only source we are using for obtaining the caffeine in our soaps (currently). However, there is a process involved in our soaps that makes it distinctly different from coffee soaps you will find in common boutiques and handmade sellers shops. In common Coffee soap, you will find often times ground up bits of coffee throughout the product which gives it that bold scent and wonderful exfoliant. There is no added caffeine, and most of the caffeine stays put right in those little bits of coffee and isn’t blended into the actual soap at all. Although we do use grounds in some of our product, what you’re really getting from us is an extracted oil from fresh ground beans. That oil is a VERY concentrated amount of caffeine which is then blended throughout the soap. That’s also how we are able to make Caffeinated products without leaving bits of coffee in it. Pretty neat, huh? 

Bea Kern